The Fallen Order Awakens – Summer Update 0.86

The bigger patch we’ve been preparing for some time for Damnation City Of Death is now released with numerous improvements to the game. Check update...

A week of two patches

During this week we have released two new patches for Damnation City Of Death. Here is a summary what’s included in the patches (0.84 &...

Easter update v0.83

We’ve just released an Easter update to the public, which brings numerous updates to the game including a whole new enemy type and an explorable...


Damnation - City of Death is a survival game set in a procedurally generated city filled with content. Search vital items for your survival and deal with a load of zombies & monsters at the same time. But you don't have to do all of this alone! Join forces with other survivors and start to secure your surroundings. You can find everything you need to survive from the city. You just have to have the willpower to make the climb and start to gather your supplies.
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    Damnation City of Death
  • Damnation - City of Death