Key Features


Dynamic enviroment

  • Procedurally generated city.
  • Day to night cycle.


  • Game has cars already in alpha.
  • Helicopter and more coming later.

Base building and crafting

  • Protect yourself by building a base.
  • Craft items for your survival from items found by scavenging the city.


  • Enemies vary from zombies to large monster to embrace the co-op aspect of the game.
  • Other players can still be a large threat to you.


  • You have weapons to fight off the zombies, monsters and other players.
  • Weapons vary from shovel to barret 50.cal.


Game modes



Survive in the randomly generated city against monsters and other players. Find shelter and fight against cold, hunger and thirst.


a Nuke has been set in the city to destroy it. The infection threat has been succesfully contained and the strike is no longer required. The bomb location is unknown in the city as the team guarding it disappeared and the bombs location transmitter turned off. The civillian casualties are enourmous if it goes off. You and your team have to disarm the bomb before it explodes and get in time to the rescue chopper.

Alien Threat

a Giant monster roams in the city. Military has ordered a special team to neutralize the threat.


Rescue remaining civillians from the city before airstrike hits and destroys everything.



Alpha might include bugs and isn’t very optimized.

Features in game currently

Persistent player profile – Play with your character on any pc.

Inventory – Carry your equipment and items to survive.

Crafting – Build a base or important items for your survival.

Cars – Drive around the city, crush some zombies and take your pal on a ride.

Still in development

There is still many features in production.

More wild animals


More craftable items.

Better and more animations.

Graphics and assets for the game. There are many placeholders currently.


Game mode specialties

Rescue mode