January Update v0.93

Shovel to the head

Yesterday we released a new update to the game, which improves sounds, animations, NPC missions and brings various other improvements. Sounds Added additional audiosource for the player character, so we can play more sounds at the same time. Added more jumping and landing sounds for smaller vertical movements. Added new …

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Christmas Update v0.92

Christmas Party!

Today we released a new Christmas update to the game, which improves player character, sounds, adds new NPC:s and more! In celebration of Christmas we added Christmas props and tyrant now wears a Santa-hat. Player Animations Added a pistol vault animation. Improved many player animations. Added new reload animations for …

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Another update v0.91


Yesterday we released a new patch, which brings new props & features to Damnation City of Death with fixes. Have a great time playing the game! City & Structures Added a new skyscaper. Added more variety to skyscaper furniture. Military supply depot added. Added more props and objects around the …

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Broken City update v0.90


This November brings new buildings & features to Damnation City of Death with fixes. Have a nice time playing the game! Buildings & City Added broken and collapsed buildings to the city. Increased the amount of houses spawning to the city. Added skyscapers. Added a brand new cityblock type, which …

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September Update 0.88

Harvestable pole

Harvestable Objects Harvestable objects have returned to the game. They are now clearly indicated with a red glow for better user experience. They are now made of a degradable structure and break gradually when being harvested. World Streaming Hugely improved world streaming on host when not playing alone. Fixed rare …

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A week of two patches

Poster image

During this week we have released two new patches for Damnation City Of Death. Here is a summary what’s included in the patches (0.84 & 0.85). Enemies Zombie corpses now create correct particles when hit. Enemy attacks that happened without attack animation have been fixed. We’ve also made new hit …

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Easter update v0.83


We’ve just released an Easter update to the public, which brings numerous updates to the game including a whole new enemy type and an explorable underground sewer. New underground sewer We’ve added a new underground sewer that can be found in the game. The sewer can only be accessed through …

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Development news with several patch notes

DamnationCityofDeath 2016-03-06 16-08-49-46-feature

Here is a wrap-up of the four latest patches we’ve done to Damnation City of Death. We’ve just released the latest version 0.82 patch for Damnation City of Death. During February we’ve also released couple other patches, versions 0.81, 0.80 and 0.79. Here’s what new these patches have brought into …

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Skill & Sunlight Patch 0.78


This February brings Damnation City of Death a new patch including improved skill system and more sunlight. Check detailed notes below. Sunlight & Color correction Damnation City of Death now supports sunray effect to bring more life and light into the city.The applied color correction transforms the colors for making …

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